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The difference in treating males and females

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

The differences between male and female aesthetic and treatments, including botulinum, toxin, and dermal filler products include the following.

Botulinum toxin - anti wrinkle treatments

Males are generally bigger with more muscle mass, so may require more botulinum toxin in a treatment. When treating the forehead, for lines and wrinkles, the frontalis muscle is larger and often extends up to and beyond the hairline, therefore males require more units and more injection points.

Females have a smaller frontalis muscle and can be treated effectively with fewer injection points and fewer units. Males also have stronger frown muscles and may require more units when having the glabella injected.

Dermal filler treatments

When we consider the lower face and the aesthetic differences between males and females, males tend to have a wider gonial angle (jawline). It tends to be a similar width to the zygoma (cheekbones) and sits at the level of the oral commissure (opening of the mouth). There is a sharp gonial angle and the chin can be quite prominent with two points of prominence, the width of the mouth.

Females tend to have a slimmer and more rounded face with the maximum width generally at the cheekbones. The cheekbones tend to be higher than those of males. The gonial angle (jawline) tends to be slimmer than the cheekbones and the angle of the jawline is not as sharp as that in miles. It also typically tends to sit a little higher than the top lip. The jawline, then tapers into a more rounded chin, with one point of prominence at the front of the chin, and the chin width should not exceed that of the width of the nose.

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