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  • Are you looking for a skincare routine that goes beyond daily maintenance to provide deep cleansing and rejuvenation?

  • Do you want to learn how regular facials can help address specific skin concerns such as acne, dryness, or dullness?

  • Are you curious about the benefits of professional exfoliation and how it can improve your skin's texture and tone?

  • Are you interested in personalised skincare advice and home routine recommendations from a trained therapist to achieve your skin goals effectively?

Bespoke Facial
Our signature Facial  

Our Bespoke Signature facial is tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s oil secretion, blackheads, acne or pigmentation we have the solution for you.


First we start with a facial cleansing routine to remove any contamination, then we will exfoliate the facial skin to remove the top layer of old skin cells and allow the absorption of additional facial products that we will apply. Next, we will perform facial massage and a facial steam so your skin is soft and ready for cleansing and extraction of blackheads and acne. After cleansing a pore-tightening and anti-inflammatory wrap / mask is used. Finally, we will treat your skin with a skin regenerating cream / serum of your choice using ultrasound to enhance penetration. You might choose a hyaluronic acid serum for dull dehydrated skin, a retinol serum for skin brightening or an anti-wrinkle serum.

Bespoke facial in Wandsworth

Facials and Peels 

Vitamin C Infusion 

Vitamin C infusion facial in Wandsworth

Our vitamin C infusion facial is specifically aimed at reducing mild to moderate sun damage and skin pigmentation. Vitamin C is good for reducing pigmentation in the skin. When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, the skin cells produce more melanin to protect the skin cell. Vitamin C is a mild tyrosinase inhibitor, tyrosinase regulates the production of melanin in the skin cell, so using vitamin C to suppress melanin production can slowly help to reverse skin pigmentation.


The skin cycle is roughly 4 to 6 weeks so we would recommend having three vitamin C infusion facials, once a month, in that time there is also vitamin C and retinol home care products such as Obagi-C Fx system that you can use to slowly reduce your pigmentation between treatments. 

Rejuvenate & Glow 
Anti - Aging Facial 

Anti aging facial in Wandsworth

Skin aging is characterised by a loss of collagen which gives skin its structure, elastin with gives skin its bounce and also a loss of hyaluronic acid which causes skin dehydration. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation accounts for most skin ageing. Hormonal changes can also affect the skin and as we age the skin thins, dehydrates and develops lines and wrinkles.


During our Anti-aging Rejuvenate and Glow facial we use antioxidants to nourish the skin and reduce free radical damage as well as retinol to increase cell turnover, unclog pores, even out skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Express Peel 

Express Peel facial in Wandsworth

Exfoliating peels of the upper layers of the skin are good for pigmentation, acne, acne scarring and for skin rejuvenation. The goal is to remove a predictable, uniform layer of skin. Every patient should be aiming to have a peel before starting their facial treatment plan or Obagi home care kits to optimise their results. The depth of the peel is dictated by the type of chemical, the concentration and mode of action. Peels use chemicals, either alpha-hydroxy acids (water soluble) such as glycolic acid, mandelic or lactic acid or beta-hydroxy acids (fat soluble) such as salicylic acid.








We use Obagi Blue Peel Radiance, This is a superficial peel using beta hydroxy acid (BHA), with no prep required, suitable for all skin types and no down time. It’s indicated for hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, mild scarring or if you just want to brighten and lighten the skin. We don’t recommend you have this peel if you have active psoriasis on the face or rosacea or are pregnant of Brest feeding. You need to avoid the use of any vitamin A products (retinol or tretinoids) and any products containing AHA or BHA for 72 hours either side of your peel. We also offer a plant enzyme peel from Janssen. 

 We recommend 4-6 peels every 2-4 weeks as it takes 2 weeks for corneas stratum to repair.

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance in Wandsworth

Express Face Massage 

Facial massage in Wandsworth

The technique involves stimulating pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders.

Facial massages can help relieve tension while enhancing relaxation and skin health. facial muscles can help tighten skin, relieve tight muscles, and boost circulation.


We recommend 3 facials over the course of 3 months to optimise your results and get the skin you desire. In between treatments we also recommend Obagi home care products such as Obagi 360 for younger, less damaged skin, Obagi-C Fx for mild to moderate pigmentation and oiliness or Obagi Nu-Derm Fx for more moderate pigmentation. Obagi Cleanziderm containing salicylic acid is helpful for controlling oil secretion and acne.

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