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  • What procedures do you carry out at Wandsworth Aesthetics?
    We perform facials and peels, dermal filler injections, botulinum injections (Botox), cosmetic acupuncture, skin boosters such as Profhilo and micro needling using platelet rich plasma, hyaluronic acid and exosomes. We perform filler treatments for the lip, cheek, chin, jaw, tear trough and nose, we currently don't treat the forehead with filler. We can treat the upper and lower face with Botox, as well as the underarm to prevent excessive sweating or for headaches.
  • Are there any risks to having these treatments?
    Yes, non-invasive aesthetics procedure such as injecting botulinum toxin or dermal fillers into the face have risks. However, we do our utmost to mitigate this risk. For example, we may perform a pre-injection ultrasound scan, and use the correct injection techniques that are currently recommended. If any adverse reactions do occur, we are at hand to resolve them.
  • Is botulinum toxin a prescription medication?
    Yes, and it must be prescribed by a practitioner that has a license to prescribe prescription only medication (POMS) following a face-to-face consultation. We cannot do remote or virtual consultations and you cannot be prescribed a medication by the request of a no pre-scribing colleague. We will manage the prescription of botulinum toxin for you following your initial consultation with a registered prescriber.
  • Is dermal filler a prescription only medication?
    Currently no, however there is legislation that may come into force that will make dermal fillers also a prescription medication. Dermal fillers often contain a small amount of lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic. Lidocaine is a prescription only medication.
  • If I suffer an adverse reaction is there a way to resolve this?
    Yes, immediately contact the clinic and we will investigate and manage this adverse reaction for you.
  • Is my practitioner qualified to provide these services?
    Yes, anyone at Wandsworth Aesthetics providing botulinum toxin injection, dermal filler, cosmetic acupuncture or micro needling using PRP is a medical professional that has taken the correct training in these procedures, such as a level 7 diploma in aesthetics injections, and has the relevant qualifications and insurance in place.
  • Are the premises licensed to provide aesthetic procedures?
    Currently yes, the premises are listed as a Use Class D non-residential which includes a medical practice. There is legislation that may soon come into force where premises must have a separate premises licence to cover aesthetics procedures however this is not yet the case.
  • Are the products you use licensed and safe?
    Yes, we only source products that are license for use within the UK for example we will use Allergan Botox or Boccoture products for botulinum toxin and Juvéderm products for dermal filler.
  • Is there any reason that you might refuse to give me the treatment I desire?
    Yes this may happen. We will only prescribe and deliver treatments that have been based on a face-to-face consultation where we have assessed your suitability to treatment. We may refuse to treat you if there is anything in your medical history that suggests we ought not to. It is illegal to deliver botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments for aesthetic purposes to anyone under 18-year-old. We may also refuse to deliver any procedure that we feel is risky or may result in an abnormal post treatment look such as over filler lips for example.
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