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Lip filler in Wandsworth


Lip volumisation in Wandsworth
  • Have you lost volume in your lips as you’ve gotten a little older?

  • Are you looking for more lip volume that fits your features and looks natural?

  • Have you always wanted to have your lips treated but you’re scared you’ll end up looking like a duck? 

  • you Definitely don’t want sausage lips

  • Your friend had a dodgy treatment somewhere else and you have concerns


I hear this all the time and i'm here to help. The best treatments change how you look, which changes how you feel, and that can change what you do in your life.


i strive for Discreet natural balance. Lips are the cherry on the cake and are normally treated last after restoring and rejuvenating other facial features. However if you are just looking for some additional lip volume and a more beautiful shape I can do this too…










What I don’t do…


Over filled Instagram sausage lips
Russian lips and ledges 
Lip taping and tenting

If this is what you are after then I’m not the injector for you.

However, I do want to give you a beautiful natural look that will fill you with confidence in your new look.

How do I treat lips?

First, lets consider Lip anatomy. the lip is made up of the white lip and pink lip, the vermillion border the wet and dry border of the lip and the body of the lip
The inferior and superior labial arteries course abou
t 3-4 mm deep to the vermillion border.














When the lips are formed in utero there are 3 tubercles in the top lip and 2 in the bottom lip. When i am performing a lip treatment I am trying to enhance each of the Tubercles in keeping with your facial features.


How do I establish a perfect lip treatment?

When i visual a Lip treatment i am looking to make the lips fit with the other facial features. for a discreet natural look. the lips should blend into the rest of the face and The top lip is usually slightly smaller than the bottom lip with a ratio of approximately 1:1.6 top to bottom.













When we run a line from the philtrum through the lips they should pass through the fullest part of the top and bottom lip tubercles and bisect the widest part of the chin. The curvature of the chin should mirror the curvature of the bottom lip,

In the profile view i am looking for a line that runs from the bottom of the nose to the angle of the chin. the top and bottom lip, as well as the chin should just sit forward of this line.






I offer a Bespoke treatment based on a consultation, your goals and your existing anatomy and facial features.  

Do I need a pre treatment ultrasound scan?

not always however i will usually perform one to chart the course of the labial arteries so that we can be as safe as possible prior to your lip treatment.

How much filler do I need in my lips? 


For lips that are already full and only need touching up, my classic lips using up to 0.5ml is sufficient. For those who have lost volume or need lip rejuvenation my full lips and peri-oral restoration using up to 1ml is perfect to get the results you want. If more filler is needed for your desired results, we have a follow up rate for additional lip filler. However, please be aware that the more product that is used, the greater the risk of filler migration and a trout pout.

What lip filler products do I use?

Lips are treated with the same products as Dermal filler. I use juvederm ultra smile / volift and volbella. both of these products are perfect for treating lips. see our prices for deluxe or express lips here

What results can I expect?

Areas for lip treatmnent
Optimal lip ratios
A beautiful lip treatment
Wandsworth lip treatment
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